Mindshark’s services portfolio

Mindshark,a lot of years in the business of spreading good word about our clients through search engine optimization and social media marketing, has caused the development of client specific solutions that give flying colour results at each implementation. We started off thinking that only optimizing our client’s website for crawlers would be enough to get them more hits, just as many of our competition are still focusing on. We have since discovered that there is more to offering a comprehensive solution to the most pressing need all our clients express; to dominate. Through controlled tests of theories and tweaking methods to get growth spikes in results from key performance areas, we were able to make standard service lists from which clients map their requirements.

That said, here is an expanded list of some services that have proven wildly successful with over 90% of our clients.

    • Social media optimization –

social media platforms brought a dynamic opportunity for us to reach clients’ targets. By keeping all our client’s social media accounts up to date and engaging with their clients and a pool of over a billion other potential clients, our clients confirm a business sense in investing in our specialized tools and efforts. A lot of competitions and launch events have been run successfully with viral results and millions in sales for our clients.

    • Web development –

while most of our clients have websites when they approach us from the good they hear during networking events, those that don’t have websites benefit from a customer perspective based website developed by our top programmers from the ground up. Instead of letting the website complicate how customers interact with our clients, we design the website as though we were the customer. No wonder customers spend more time on our clients’ websites, increasing the chance of getting leads with each repeated visit.

    • Content provision –

a company can have 100 websites and as many social media accounts as possible, but if they are not saying the right things for visitors to convert into customers, that company is as good as invisible online. We realized this stubborn fact early in our journey and started crafting compelling content that gets most of the visitors to any of the websites in our charge asking our clients how to sign up for the premium services they offer.

    • Targeted marketing –

we have developed a knack for reaching out to the exact people that our clients segment their businesses towards. Our prefered technologies to achieve the best results allow any client type to be plugged in and success to come out on the other end. From clients wishing to organize high attendance events to companies that want to grow followers for their products over time, we can tweak the desired results to make sure all clients and their target audience get to meet because of our efforts. As predicted, it gives us a warm feeling each time this happens, which is why we keep doing it.

Each customer that comes and throws a seemingly impossible marketing objective is met with an experience they never forget and results they would have never thought possible.