Muskoka Cottage Builders – How To Find A Good One

 muskoka cottage builders

Muskoka cottage builders today are a lot more sophisticated than the people who built the old cottages in the Muskoka area to escape city life on weekends and during vacation time. The cottages then only had the basic structures and amenities – truly an escape from civilization. In contrast, the products of modern Muskoka cottage builders are custom designed homes with power, heating, full baths, and luxurious rooms.

The modern cottage builders in the Muskoka area are perfectly capable of putting together a rustic cottage which will give the owner a true woodsman experience. The only problem is that there is very little market for simple cottages anymore. Muskoka has become a haven for people seeking a weekend retreat close to nature. If you are looking to get a Muskoka cottage built, finding a good builder is key to a worry-free weekend home building project. But how do you define a good Muskoka cottage builder? What characteristics should you look for?

Here are a few tips:

  1. Good builders will have all the proper licenses and permits for constructing homes. The permit not only means they are less likely to have problems with the local government, it also ensures that they really have the capability to build a quality home. It is proof that they have met government requirements as to resources (personnel, equipment) and insurance cover.

  2. The best Muskoka cottage building contractors can show you a portfolio of past work. They will have recommendations from past clients and endorsements from professional organizations such as Professional Engineers Ontario. It is also likely that they are affiliated with other recognized professional and homebuilders groups.

  3. Good building contractors always discuss the project with you; they never assume they know what you want in your home. They will help you flesh out your ideas so that the final product is the weekend cottage you have always dreamed of. The discussions with these contractors are very transparent, especially with regard to cost and time estimates. A good contractor will document all they have agreed with you and make that part of the written work contract.

  4. Since the Muskoka area is a naturally beautiful place, it would be a great advantage if your cottage builder works with, instead of against nature. Really good ones may even have endorsements from environment protection organizations for their green practices.

  5. The best weekend cottage builder will have a good track record of past projects in the Muskoka area. That generally finishing high quality projects on time and within the budget. An internet search or a few phone calls to Muskoka cottage owners will help you find a good contractor.

  6. A good building contractor has been in the business for many years. Ideally, contractors having not less than five years experience should be considered. Though longevity is not an absolute measure of capability, companies who fail to meet their client’s expectations generally fail.

Builders build; they are not necessarily clairvoyant. To get the best results make sure your Muskoka cottage building contractor completely understands your requirements.